Basis and further steps

On you will find our current offers, that represent a new perspective on working with the Clay Field. We are building on the work done so far at the Institute for Haptic Gestaltbildung Barbara Osterwald in Munich and offer an independent further education. The closeness of the name to the Barbos Foundation based in Munich is intentional and documents the result of Barbara Osterwald's work as well as her desire and will: to give pedagogical and therapeutic accompaniment at the Clay Field a professionally sound, communally oriented and ethically justifiable place in society.

We share this goal and in this new framework we set out to teach interested people from pedagogical or therapeutic professions the ability to accompany development with Haptic-Sensorimotor Gestaltbildung and Relational Clay Field Therapy. We also are contact persons for qualified Clay Field Therapy practitioners: you can book counseling sessions as well as supplementary practical weekends and thematic workshops. We are open to projects of academic research.

Certified in Work at the Clay Field® by the founder Heinz Deuser, we additionally name and integrate the specific findings of Cornelia Elbrecht. From our point of view she defined the relevance of Work at the Clay Field® to accompany psychologically traumatized people. She has also realized an international range of educational and therapeutic attention to clay field work with Work at the Clay Field® and Clay Field Therapy®. We ourselves bring pedagogy, art therapy, and systemic therapy as formative elements of our perspective on accompanying people in their efforts toward recovery and personal development.

We work in the field of continuing education for educators, (curative) pedagogues and (future) teachers. From 2017 to 2021 we facilitated free seminars in Groningen and masterclasses at the NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden (2017-19) to introduce Work at the Clay Field®. Haptic Loop® exists since 2022 and thus we represent a new orientation in the professional accompaniment of processes of Haptic-Sensorimotor Gestaltbildung.

As therapists we accompany children from the age of 2, adolescents and adults in our own and in joint practice.